Rule 38 Transfer Guidelines of Group C & Group B employees in DOP (Department of Posts) 2023

I am directed to refer to Directorate letter of even number dated 03.02.2023 on the above mentioned subject wherein detailed instructions for considering transfer under Rule — 38 through web-portal was circulated.

2. Existing instructions provides that transfer under Rule — 38 shall be considered on quarterly basis in the month of March, June, September and December wherein initially Intra-Circle transfer cycle shall be operated and thereafter Inter-Circle transfer cycle shall be considered.

3. After assessing the results of last three transfer cycles, the competent authority has approved to consider Intra-Circle and Inter-Circle transfer requests concurrently, so that level playing field is provided to all officials. Accordingly, Inter-Circle and Intra-Circle transfer requests shall be arranged in order of priority, as provided in letter dated 03.02.2023 mentioned above for consideration. These instructions shall come into force from June, 2023 transfer cycle.

4. Provisional transfer for June, 2023 will be released on 03th June, 2023. After providing requisite time for ‘accept/decline’ of provisional allotment, final transfer list shall be released on 13th June, 2023. Detailed timelines for subsequent cycle will be issued in due course.

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