Allotment list for Intra circle transfer for Maharashtra Circle for the month of Jun – 2023-Rule38 | Maharashtra Circle

Intra circle Rule 38 transfer list for June quarter released on 13th Jun 2023. A total.of 170 officials got rule 38 transfer (PA-146, Postman- 21, MTS-3).

rule38 mh circle

Orders of the Competent Authority are hereby conveyed for Intra-Circle transfer of officials in the cadre of PA /SA / MMS SA / Postman /Mail Guard / MTS, as mentioned in Annexure – I, under provisions of Rule – 38 of Postal Manual Volume IV, as amended from time to time to the Division / Unit mentioned against each.

2. Approval of transfer is subject to the following conditions: (a) That the official will not be eligible for TA or TP.

(b) That the seniority of the official on joining the new unit will be fixed asperRule-38 of Postal Manual Volume –IV, as amended from time to time.

(c) That the official will not seek Intra-Circle transfer before completion of three years of service in new unit.

(d) That official will not seek reversion to present unit before completion of three years of service.

(e) Wherever the official has not completed Induction Training, he / she will have to undergo / complete training in new unit. Transferee unit will ensure that the official undergoes Induction training.

(f) Official presently under probation will be confirmed in service in the new unit as perextant instructions on the subject.

(g) After joining the new unit, official will forfeit all rights in present unit, except for promotion arising out of Departmental examination appeared in present unit. In such cases, the official will be eligible to seek promotion only in the present unit.

3. If any Disciplinary /Vigilance cases are pending /contemplated against the officials the concerned Divisional Head should not relieve the official and a report to be sent to this office immediately.

4. Before giving effect to the transfers, a written declaration agreeing to the above condition from the official(s), in duplicate should be obtained and kept in service book and personal file of the official(s).

5. Controlling unit shall ensure relieving of the official within timelines prescribed by the Directorate from time to time and update date of relieving on the portal.

(Chief Postmaster General)

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