Handling of COD Parcels at Delivery Post Offices | Parcel Directorate Issued Circular for COD Parcels Delivery

Subject: Handling of COD (Cash On Delivery) Parcels at Delivery Post Offices 2023.

This is regarding improvement in delivery of CoD Parcels and remittance of CoD amount to the customer. (Reference Parcel Directorate letters of even number dated 11.04.2022, 09.05.2022 and 07.02.2023).

File No 01-02/2022-PD

(Parcel Directorate)

Date: 05.04.2023

2.  Amazon is a leading E-Commerce player in India and presently gives highest revenue to India Post under Speed Post Parcel segment. Amazon will start booking of CoD Parcels in the month of April, 2023 and will increase its volumes based on parameters like transit time, delivery performance & delivery status confirmation and CoD amount settlement through the system. One of the main reasons that CoD business has not grown up to the expected level in India Post is the delay in CoD amount payment to the Customers.

3. In order to ensure prompt delivery of CoD Parcels and CoD Amount remittance to the payment office, instructions pertaining to handling of CoD Parcels at Delivery Post Office are once again reiterated as under:

i. Circles to ensure that delivery of CoD parcels should invariably be updated in DPMS and in no case delivered manually.

ii. Circles must ensure that all booking offices and delivery offices run High Sync and Daily Sync to ensure smooth flow of data.

iii. In case the booking data of CoD parcels is not reflected in SAP even after following the SoPs and calling the central server through ZMOCODUPDATE T-Code and raising ticket on helpdesk, the matter should be referred to CEPT under intimation to Parcel Directorate for further necessary action. Under no circumstance manual delivery is to be made.

iv. The details of issue faced and ticket raised should be shared with CEPT on the   E-Mail    ID dpms.cept@indiapost.gov.intechbranch.cept@indiapost.gov.in keeping Parcel Directorate in loop on parceldte@gmail.com.

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