Calling willingness to work at Postal Training Centre (PTC) Vadodara for technical support to maintain Dak Karmayogi Portal.

Sub: Inviting willingness to work at Postal Training Centre (PTC), Vadodara purely on attachment basis for technical support to maintain ‘Dak Karmayogi’ Portal.

Director Postal Training Centre, Vadodara 390 022.


No: Staff A2/2-XIV/Tech Hand/2023   dated at PTC Vadodara    the 05.04.2023,

Sub: Inviting willingness to work at Postal Training Centre, Vadodara purely on attachment basis for technical support to maintain ‘Dak Karmayogi’ Portal.

Postal Training Centre, Vadodara is managing national level Dak Karmayogi e-Learning portal and server For smooth functioning of the portal and its 24X7 monitoring and maintenance, this centre is in need of forming of one team for Technical support, Therefore Director, Postal Training Centre, Vadodara invites applications from PA/SA/IP/ASP for technical support to maintain Dak Karmayogi Portal at Postal Training Centre, Vadodara. Job description, eligibility criteria and other conditions are as under:

1. Job Description of PA/SA/IP & ASP to work at PTC Vadodara:

A. Taking backup of whole ‘Dak Karmayogi’ folder including database from main server to backup server.

B. Research & Development for improving server performance on daily basis.

C. Reviewing analytics of the website Dak-Karmayogi on daily basis.

D. Reviewing logs of the website on daily basis.

E. Firewall management whenever required.

F. Maintenance of the database on daily basis.

G. Troubleshooting the server problem in case of server website failure.

H. Troubleshooting of non-working of Desktop Computers in all computer labs as well systems at desk of the staff.

I. For the programmer, sorting out the problem of webpages of the website.

J. Video editing for Dak-Karmayogi courses.

2. Eligibility Criteria for the candidate to work at PTC Vododara :- PA/SA/IP/ASP having,

A. Knowledge of Windows Server

B. Knowledge of Website hosting

C. Knowledge in Nginx and Mysql

D. Knowledge of Database Management system

E. Knowledge of Managing Hardware Firewall

F. Expertise in handling in Linux server and command line tool

G. Expertise in management of Routers and Network switches

H. Knowledge of repairing and troubleshooting in Computer Hardware

I. The official having knowledge of computer programing language will get priority

3. Willing officials may submit their applications in the enclosed format to their Controlling Authority . An advance copy of the application may be sent to this office directly through e mail to

4. The initial attachment period of the official will be for 180 days which can be extended as per need. The official may also be repatriated to his/her parent unit at any time without assigning any reason.

5. The pay and allowances of the official should be drawn by the respective units. No deputation allowance shall be granted to the official and the salary and other service matters such as MACP, Promotion, stepping up of pay etc. of the official shall be dealt by their parent unit.

6. A screening test will be conducted for selection, if required.

7. Divisional/Unit Heads may be requested to forward the applications received at their office to Postal Training Centre, Vadodara through their respective Circles/ Regions with their personal recommendation and vigilance clearance report so as to reach this office latest by 12.05.2023.

Assistant Director (Admin) Postal Training Centre Vadodara-390 022

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