Mail Monitoring Units (MMUs) Course on iGOT Karmayogi Portal and Dak Karmayogi Portal – Mission Karmayogi

This program aims to enhance the understanding and effectiveness of monitoring mail operations at various levels, including Directorate, Circle, Region, and Divisional levels.

Watch, Think, Do, Explore, and Test (WTDET) Model: The program follows a structured approach, utilizing the WTDET model of iGOT Karmayogi, to facilitate effective learning and practical application of concepts. Participants will have access to PDFs and PPTs containing relevant rules and regulations pertaining to mail monitoring. These resources serve as reference material for further exploration and understanding. The e-learning program is self-paced and can be completed according to individual schedules. Participants can revisit the lessons and resources as needed.

This Course created by Postal Training Centre, Vadodara.

iGOT Portal Link

Dak Karmayogi Portal Link

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