Last chance for exercising option under Rule 10 of CCS (Revised Pay) Rules, 2016 extended for three months upto 03.10.2023.

The undersigned is directed to invite attention to this Department’s O.M. of even No. dated 28.11.2019 on the subject noted above. In Para 7’ of the said O.M. dated 28.11.2019, the employees who have been regularly promoted or granted financial up-gradation on or after 01.01.2016 and desire to exercise /re-exercise option for pay fixation under FR 22(I)(a)(1), were given an opportunity to exercise or re-exercise of their option for pay fixation within one month of the date of issue of the said O.M. dated 28.11.2019.

2. Thereafter, another opportunity to exercise/re-exercise the option for pay fixation, as allowed under O.M. dated 28.11.2019, was provided for a period of 3 months vide O.M. of even No. dated 15.04.2021.

3. However, a number of proposals are still being received from various Ministries / Departments for allowing another opportunity to exercise/re-exercise the option for fixation of pay as allowed under O.M. dated 28.11.2019.

4. Therefore, the Competent Authority in partial modification of the conditions enumerated in para 7’ of the said O.M. dated 28.11.2019, has further approved for allowing another opportunity to Government employees to exercise /re-exercise option for pay fixation as allowed under O.M. dated 28.11.2019 within a period of three months from the date of issue of this Office Memorandum. No further request for extension of date or relaxation of condition in exercising of option will be entertained under any circumstances. Ministries/Departments are advised to give wide publicity of this O.M..

5. All other conditions of O.M. dated 28.11.2019 remain unchanged.

6. In their application to the persons belonging to Indian Audit and Accounts Department, these orders are issued under Article 148(5) of the Constitution and after consultation with the Comptroller and Auditor General of India”.

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