IP to ASP 2023 | Promotion to the cadre of Assistant Superintendent of Posts (ASP) DPC from IP (Inspector Post)

Subject: Promotion to the cadre of Assistant Superintendent of Posts — reg.

With reference to the above subject, a tentative zone of consideration (ZoC) for promotion to the cadre of Assistant Superintendent of Posts on ‘seniority-cum- fitness’ basis for recruitment year 2023 is enclosed at Annexure — I.

2. The tentative zone of consideration has been prepared on the basis of all India seniority list of Inspector Posts maintained by SPN Branch of Directorate. Any discrepancy with regard to details of officials falling in ZoC, w.r.t. their seniority, date of birth, place of posting, wrong remarks, etc. may be intimated to SPN-II section of this Department.

3. Recruitment Rules of Assistant Superintendent of Posts notified vide GSR 61(E) dated 01.02.2023 provides following composition of Departmental Promotion Committee:

(a) Chief Postmaster General of the Circle — Chairman

(b) Director of Postal Services — Member

(c) Assistant Postmaster General — Member

4. DPC shall meet in each Postal Circle (subject to condition that official in ZoC belong to that Circle) and assess suitability of each official for promotion and mark them as ‘FIT / UNFIT”. While doing so, prevailing instructions on convening of DPC, including sealed cover procedure, ete, shall be kept into consideration. All Postal Circles shall send recommendations of DPC to Directorate latest by 09th June, 2023.

5. While scrutinizing record of employees, following may also be kept into considerations:

(a) Service record of all PwBD employees appointed till 31.12.2017 shall be scrutinized.

(b) Certificate in Annexure — II may be provided in r/o SC/ST employees falling under extended zone of consideration.

(c) Committee shall mark each official as ‘Fit / Unfit’ on basis of their suitability for promotion. Officials who are marked ‘Unfit, detailed grounds for marking unfit shall be recorded.

6. Details of cases recommended to be kept in Sealed cover may be sent to Directorate. Further, cases where any penalty is in currency against any official, DPC shall assess the suitability of the official and recommendations of the DPC will be sent along-with copy of punishment orders.

7. The Circles are requested to ensure completion of DPC and sending, recommendations of DPC to Directorate latest by 09.06.2023.

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